Cute Needle Felted Animal Friends


Cute Needle Felted Animal Friends shows you how to create life-like felted figures that remind you of the pets you love—using a little wool roving, a felting needle, and a few basic tools and techniques. Even more than this, it shows you how to capture their adorable expressions when they’re playing, napping, or just happy to see you. A sweetly cocked head, perky ears, and a tail that makes you think it’s actually wagging—the charm of these miniature figures is all in the details!

Easy step-by-step instructions and photos show you how to make the basic shapes and components, then how to add details like long or curly hair, spines, and stripes, as well as little faces that are utterly irresistible. With a bit of practice, you’ll be able to portray the unique poses and expressions of beloved pets from your own life. And just like your pets, this needle felting book is so friendly that even novice felters will have no trouble making these miniature animal figures, including:

A perky Yorkshire Terrier
An elegant Russian Blue Cat
A playful Tabby
A sleepy Mottled Cat
A Holland Lop Rabbit
A curly Toy Poodle
A fluffy Pomeranian
A dapper French Bulldog
Matching mom-and-pup Chihuahuas
A sweet Pygmy Hedgehog and many more!

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