Parisville (Deja Vu)


Parisville was originally released in 2010, it’s bringing all of the years of knowledge and experimentation to the new “Deja vu” collections. The first instalment of the “Deja vu” series Parisville has more colourful designs, using a dreamy colour palette of bright pastels and rich citrus colours. The design of Parisville was based on the story of Marie Antoinette, in all of its unnecessary decadence, as seen through the lens of what a young girl might think is “fancy”. It was only natural to pull the new colour palette from a buffet of ice cream colors and dessert treats. This collection is like frosting, it’s sweet, decadent and entirely indulgent. The designs are largely intact in an effort to preserve the original qualities of the prints that made them popular in recent years. 100% Cotton.

We sell from 25cm lengths at 5cm increments.

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Width: Approx. 44″ (112cms) Wide.
Weight (gsm) 130.


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