Polyester Wadding


Made with very fine, premium polyester, Hobbs PolyDown Polyester wadding/batting is great for projects that will stand the test of time. Non-allergenic and with a loft that accentuates quilting details, PolyDown is bonded, giving it greater stability and making it resistent to bearding. Great for both hand quilting and machine sewing.

Hobbs Heirloom PolyDown Polyester wadding/batting should be used with medium or dark fabrics. If being paired with darker fabrics, we recommend quilters test this batting with their chosen fabric(s) to see if there will be an issue.

We do not recommend machine washing your wadding/batting before use. If necessary, you may be able to very gently hand wash your wadding/batting, but please bear in mind that this can stretch out the fibres and cause areas of uneven thickness.

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81″ x 96″ (244cm x 206cm)
Non-Allergenic. Machine washable. Cool gentle wash, tumble dry on low heat

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