Tintarella is a shaded yarn, bold, bright colours that gently shift into subtle pastel like highlights and shades in the sun, with a soft, silky feel and finish.

(Not all shades are on sale, please check prices on individual balls)

  • Deep Blue Deep Blue
  • Burgundy Burgundy
  • Turquoise Sea Turquoise Sea
  • Mint Green Mint Green
  • Peach Peach
  • Grey Grey
  • Mauve Mauve
  • Lilac Lilac
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100% Egyptian Cotton.
135m, 50g ball.
Needles: 44mm / 8 / 6
Tension: 22 sts/31 rows


Deep Blue, Burgundy, Turquoise Sea, Mint Green, Peach, Grey, Mauve, Lilac

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